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December 31, 2009

Happy New Year, LACO blog readers! Since this is the last day of 2009 (as well as the last day of the “naughts,” or whatever it is people are calling this first decade of the new millennium), how about a trip back in time? How about a trip through the last 10 years of LACO history? Here are some momentous events we have experienced since 2000…

One of the biggest milestones we reached was last year, in our 2008-09 season — our 40th Anniversary! In the spring of 2008, we also toured through Europe and played in Italy, Austria, Germany, France, Spain…the list goes on! We also celebrated the 20th Annual Silent Film Gala in 2009, with a screening of Charlie Chaplin’s The Gold Rush.

LACO has started three new concert series in the last ten years. In 2000, we launched the Family Concert Series, which continues this season with The Carnival of the Animals on February 7 at the Alex Theatre. Our popular Baroque Conversations series officially started in 2007, but the series is actually an offshoot of an earlier series, Conversations, which entertained audiences from 2001 through 2006. Our newest series is Westside Connections, which began last year and launches its second season in just a few weeks.

Since 2000, we’ve welcomed 11 new full-time musicians to the LACO family. They are, organized by year joined:
Samuel Formicola (2000)
Searmi Park (2001)
Ishani Bhoola (2001)
Trevor Handy (2002)
Tereza Stanislav (2003)
Giovanna M. Clayton (2004)
Damian Montano (2005)
Cheryl Norman-Brick (2005)
Andrew Shulman (2008)
Wade Culbreath (2009)
Karina Canellakis (2009)

In 2001, LACO launched Sound Investment our patron commissioning group which continues to this day. So far, we have commissioned and premiered the following works through this program:
2002: Concerto for Chamber Orchestra by Kenneth Frazelle
2003: Concerto for Bassoon by John Steinmetz
2004: Chamber Symphony by Pierre Jalbert
2005: Fanfares and Laments by Donald Crockett
2006: Concerto for Two Pianos by Uri Caine
2007: Desert Wind by Gernot Wolfgang
2008: Night by Kevin Puts
2009: Radiant Mind by Christopher Theofanidis
2010: A world premiere by George Tsontakis (this is yet to come; it will be performed at LACO’s Great Romantics concert in May. Get your tickets now!

This year marks LACO’s 21st Annual Silent Film Gala, and in the last 10 years, we’ve shown a lot of great films. Here’s a list:
2000: Modern Times (Timothy Brock, composer & conductor)
2001: The New York Hat and My Best Girl (David M. Frank, composer & conductor)
2002: The Freshman (David M. Frank, composer & conductor) and An Eastern Westerner (Carl Davis, composer & conductor)
2003: City Lights (Timothy Brock, composer & conductor)
2004: Steamboat Bill Jr. (Timothy Brock, composer & conductor) and Plane Crazy (Carl Stalling, composer; Mr. Brock, conductor)
2005: The Circus (Charlie Chaplin, composer; Timothy Brock, conductor)
2006: Safety Last (Carl Davis, composer; Timothy Brock, conductor) and Ask Father (Timothy Brock, composer & conductor)
2007: The Pilgrim (Charlie Chaplin, composer; score restored & conducted by Timothy Brock) and Sherlock Jr. (Timothy Brock, composer & conductor)
2008: Speedy (Carl Davis, composer & conductor)
2009: The Gold Rush (Charlie Chaplin, composer; score restored & conducted by Timothy Brock)

Do you have any favorite memories of LACO over the last 10 years? Share them below!

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I've heard the decades called The Noughties, which I like. :-)

I think for me, it was just the decade of rediscovering music and not thinking of it as paint-by-numbers anymore. And that only came at the very end. It was a decade for me when music sort of slept a bit in the background and only just woke up -- and boy did it. I'm listening to the classical (especially Baroque and opera, which I always did love) with ears that are more "alive" and listening to the rock and pop I also love with more technically tuned ears, and finding WAY more to get excited about with both.

I don't know what caused it ...

  • —Janis, December 31, 2009 01:37 pm

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