Stravinsky: The Soldier's Tale

Presented in collaboration with THE ROBEY THEATRE COMPANY

Premiered March 12, 2021

We’re back! After a brief hiatus in February due to COVID, Close Quarters production has resumed, and Music Director Jaime Martín returns to the small screen with the musicians of LACO for a spectacular and cinematic take on Stravinsky’s iconic work, The Soldier’s Tale. LACO’s first-ever collaboration with L.A.’s own Robey Theatre Company will bring the Devil, Soldier, and Narrator to life with potent performances from actors Ben Guillory, William Warren, and Julio Hanson. Inspired by the music, artist HuiMeng Wang has crafted an original piece of sculpture as creative and provocative as Stravinsky’s work. Wang’s work features a grand piano being dramatically and violently destroyed by gunfire before being reborn with stunning deep red velvet flocking. 

‘The Soldier’s Tale’ is sponsored by Ann Graham Ehringer and Bill + Priscilla Kennedy.


LACO’s new premium streaming series – returning March 12 – presents a new avenue for classical music and a unique look at what the future can hold in balancing music, art and movement.

Close Quarters features classical music performances set to images and art created and processed in a first-of-its-kind digital studio at Wilhardt + Naud. Music Director Jaime Martín and Director and Designer James Darrah seek to create a digital series that celebrates collaboration in an age of isolation.

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