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His works have been performed and/or commissioned by the Los Angeles Chamber Orchestra, London Philharmonic Orchestra, Netherlands Philharmonic Orchestra, National Arts Centre Orchestra (Canada), Chicago Sinfonietta, Albany Symphony Orchestra, Dayton Philharmonic Orchestra, Rochester Philharmonic, Berkeley Symphony, Los Angeles Master Chorale, Salastina, Lyris Quartet, Orchestra Santa Monica, Lian Ensemble, Los Angeles Electric 8, Superdevoiche (Bulgarian Women’s Choir), EXIGENCE, Juventas New Music Ensemble, and other groups.

Skye is an American who has Ghanaian, Nigerian, British, Irish, and Native American ancestry. His ancestry and identity have led him to claim and develop an “American” aesthetic that incorporates many cultural influences into his work, reflecting the diverse communities he is part of. Skye passionately believes in music as a doorway into understanding other cultures and different ways of living. Through learning the music of other cultures, the opportunity for dialogue rather than conflict between strangers is opened. He is deeply invested in fostering creative and effective collaboration between artists of different disciplines and traditions.