Serge Liberovsky


An alumnus of the University of Southern California, Serge Liberovsky joined the LACO team as production & education coordinator in August 2015. Serge began his musical journey with the Children’s Orchestra Society in New York, where he picked up the horn and first had the opportunity to work behind the scenes as a production intern.

While at USC, Serge studied music and Russian, and kept a full schedule through involvement in the USC Trojan Marching Band, Men’s Rowing Team, and various opportunities offered by the Thornton School’s Choral and Sacred Music Department. Upon completing his studies at USC, Serge received a dual bachelor’s degree in Horn and Russian. As a highly active member of the Trojan Marching Band, Serge had the opportunity to serve as a teaching assistant, horn section leader, and librarian. With the TMB, he had the opportunity to travel across the country, performing for events ranging from football games and athletic championships, to weddings and TV appearances. As an oarsman with the Men’s Rowing Team, Serge served on the team executive board as vice president for marketing, and took great pride in representing his university at races across the country as part of this unique and historically significant sport.

When not at a concert hall or the LACO office, Serge can be found on the USC campus, where he continues to serve as a teaching assistant with the Trojan Marching Band, or directing his English language choir at Pokrov Russian Orthodox Church in Hollywood.


Set in out of the ordinary locales, SESSION is a unique experience where LACO musicians join forces with compelling composers. Each program is designed to fit the unique properties of a space and test ideas about the relationship between performers and audience.

Sound Investment

Meet the composer, hear excerpts of the score-in-progress and attend a full orchestral rehearsal of the completed work.